Eurocuivres, meaning “Euro-Brass”, is one of the most esteemed and renowned brass and percussion festival and conference in Europe. Eurocuivres is celebrated for its acclaimed pedagogical teams, and attracts attendees and participants from all over the world. Located at Pays De Montbéliard in France, Eurocuivres has coached more than 2,000 students and organized over 200 concerts over the past twenty years with the support of the French government and private sponsors.

2024 marks the 3rd edition of Eurocuivres Asia, in partnership for the very first time with the world’s largest performing arts center under one roof called National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts Weiwuying. This event will take place from July 8-14, 2024 in Kaohsiung,Taiwan.

Eurocuivres Asia is an international music festival that welcomes all brass, woodwind, and percussion players of any level from all over the globe. The 2024 3rd edition will be open only to brass and percussion players. Participants will be exposed to an unforgettable musical experience while improving their skill level. The seven-day event features performances, masterclasses and ensemble workshops led by international and exceptional artists from some top conservatories, universities and orchestras, whose guidance and council will help you on your way toward excellence.

Along with the finest quality faculty, Eurocuivres Asia will also have displays from instruments companies like Schilke (USA), YAMAHA (Japan), Buffet Crampon (France), Admas (Nederland), Shires (USA) and others, bringing together some of the best musicians in the world with some of the best products in the world.